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Saved Views

Drag the chart icon from the toolbar onto your dashboard, then select any saved view to add it to the dashboard.

Adding saved view to dashboard



By default, the label of the chart will be the same as the name of the saved view. You can override the label when displayed on the dashboard by setting the text here.

Ignore Dashboard Filters

Check this box if you want this saved view to ignore dashboard filters. When this is set, only the filters from the saved view will be used.


Change where the legend is placed. You can select "Inherit from Saved View" to match legend placement with the saved view.

Axis Labels

Change whether the axis of the chart are shown or hidden. You can select "Inherit from Saved View" to match axis label with the saved view.

Automatic Color Syncing

If multiple charts on the page define series over the same attribute then the colors will automatically be synchronized. This ensures the colors are consistent between all the charts on the dashboard.