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Glean Resource Names (GRNs)

A "Glean Resource Name" or "GRN" is a way to reference Glean resources in a stable way. As a resource is changed, renamed, moved between collections, etc. its GRN will always remain the same.

Anatomy of a GRN

A GRN is comprised of two components, separated by :

  • type identifies the resource type
  • dsb: dashboard
  • m: model
  • palette: color palette
  • sv: saved view
  • id is an globally unique identifier first assigned when the resource is created. The ID appears in the URL bar when viewing a resource.

The following are all valid GRNs:


# some GRNs have longer IDs:

GRNs are case sensitive.

Using GRNs

Linking Existing Resources to DataOps

All resources can be specified with the special grn property to link a DataOps config to an existing resource. This allows you to move a resource created in the Glean web app into DataOps, without recreating it.

Referencing other Resources

Anywhere you specify a filepath in a DataOps config, you may instead specify a GRN. This allows you to reference resources independently of how you structure your files.