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Color Palette


glean: "1.0"
type: color_palette
name: "Papaya"
  additionalColorGeneration: "interpolate"
  - color: "chocolate"
  - color: "papayawhip"
  - color: "rgb(99, 191, 94)"
  - color: "#f5bf42"


  • glean (string - required): The Glean file format version.
  • type (string - required): The type of this resource. For color palettes, this is always "color_palette".
  • grn (string): If specified, this config will be applied to an existing resource with the matching GRN, instead of managing a new color palette.
  • name (string - required): The user-facing name of this color palette.
  • defaultColor (object - required): A color object describing the default color for a chart
  • colors (array - required): A list of objects describing the colors in the palette


Colors are objects comprised of the following properties:

  • color (string - required): Color definition in hex, rgb, or CSS color keyword
  • name (string): Custom name for the color