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Filtering data allows you to remove rows from your data results so you can drill in on a subset of your data. By design, you can click and filter-down into any data in Glean. This means there are lots of ways to filter data and we'll walk you through all of those here.

Filtering an attribute panel

The fastest way to filter data is by using attribute panels. See the Attributes tray page for lots of details on how to filter data from the attribute panels.

Filtering from a chart

Charts generally support two types of filtering: 1) filtering by dragging chart areas and 2) filtering by clicking items in a chart. Both of these are described in the Chart Interactions section.

Date filter control

While you can use a drag filter to drag to a time range eg. a specific month or series of months. Sometimes you want more control over - picking specific days (or times) to filter to. To do this, you can filter for a very specific range with the date filter control:

  1. In the right pane, click the Configuration button
  2. If the current chart supports the date control, you will see it listed at the top of the configuration. Click the date range to open the date filter control.
  3. Relative filters: You can either select a relative time filter (eg. 6 months) which will filter for the last six months.
  4. Exact time filter: selecting exact dates in the calendar view will limit to a fixed timeframe.


When data updates, relative time filters will slide over time while fixed time filters will be fixed in time. So if you filter to September 1st through September 8th, you'll always be looking at that one week of data. If you filter for 1 week, you'll always see the most recent one week.

Viewing all filters

There are two ways to view all filters and remove any filters that are applied.

Configuration pane

  1. In the right pane, click the Configuration button
  2. The Filter section will list all filters that are applied
  3. Optionally click the x on a filter to remove it

Top Control

The top control will always show you how many columns are filtered.

  1. From the top control bar will always show you how many filters are applied with a number in parentheses. Click the filter label to open the list of filters
  2. Clicking an individual column will remove the filter.