August 2022

August 4th, 2022

It's been a hot Glean summer over here in NYC as we’ve been working hard to ship features, big and small. Here are some highlights of what we’ve been up to.

Multiple Chart Breakout 🎉

Animation of chicago taxi rides being broken out into multiple color series and then into multiple charts

} We are beyond excited to share our newest analytics tool to answer deeper data questions. We’ve added a second way to break out your data, multiple chart breakout. (aka small multiples, trellis charts, or faceting)

Combine color and multiple chart breakouts to visually compare metrics by two attributes. We’re excited to hear what you learn!

Your homepage just got more useful

New Glean homepage featureing starred resources and a list of most viewed resources

} Last month, we released some updates to your Glean homepage that make it easier to find what you are looking for and see what’s most active in your organization.

  • You can sort a list of all items in your project that are private to you, recently edited, or our favorite: most viewed.
  • We’ve added visual previews of your data from recent activity.

Scheduled dashboard emails

A data dashboard with an open menu showing options for configuring emailed reports


Now you can schedule your dashboards to be sent to any email. 🥳

Emails have links back to Glean so your team can always dig deeper if they have additional questions.

Extra credit: Send Glean reports to a Slack channel using their native email integration (opens in a new tab)

Quality of life improvements

We’ve also implemented a bunch of small but powerful improvements that will hopefully make your life a tad easier.

  • Sort tables in dashboards without editing the dashboard or saved exploration.
  • Model builder now supports previewing charts with breakout, multiple chart types, and multiple metrics.
  • Filters in the explorer and dashboard have been updated to show more information and are easier to use.

SOC 2 Type II audit completed

Glean had previously gone through a SOC 2 type I audit and recently went through the type II audit. We received our SOC 2 Type II report with zero exceptions!

SOC 2 Type II logo

We’re hiring!

Glean is looking for our next Product Designer (opens in a new tab) and our first Account Executive (opens in a new tab)!