January 2023

January 26th, 2023

Hello friends of Glean!

We hope that your year is off to a wonderful start and you’re getting settled into 2023! Our team is wrapping up January with feature releases that make it easier to connect data into Glean and share it with your teams.


  • CSVs Upload
  • Slack Integration
  • Public Demo Site Launched
  • YAML Editor [beta]

Upload CSVs into Glean

Screenshot of a file being dragged onto Glean's model builder

The time has come - you can now upload a CSV file and query it in Glean like any other table using DuckDB! Write custom queries, joins and update the data. We also support JSON and Parquet files.

Slack 🤝 Glean

Screenshot of a Slack conversation and a Glean chart that has been shared with the Slack integration

Share all of your favorite data visualizations from Glean straight to your Slack channels! Set it up today here.

Public Demo Site

Screenshot of our demo site

We launched a public demo (opens in a new tab) site to show off example use cases in Glean! Check out the current examples for retention and subscription businesses; we’ll be adding additional examples over time.

[Beta] YAML Editor

Screenshot of line charts with a code editor on the right that can control the charts

Advanced users can now directly edit models and saved explorations as code with our in-browser YAML editor, now in beta. Iterate quickly on your DataOps configurations with real-time updating and built-in autocompletion.

If you’re still reading…

  • Preserve Metrics & Filters - when checking out the underlying data from metric tiles on dashboards.
  • Cloning Dashboards - ever been editing a dashboard and realize you just want to save a new version? Us too. Now you can with the ‘save as’ button.
  • Glean IRL - we’ll be hanging out in Austin, TX from March 28th-30th at the Data Council Conference (opens in a new tab). Let us know if you’re also planning on attending!