Git Integration

Git Integration

Glean can directly create Preview and Deploy Builds using configuration files stored in an external Git repository. This workflow is useful for situations when installing and using the Glean CLI is impractical.

Getting started

To configure your Git credentials:

  1. Navigate to the Settings (opens in a new tab) page using the link in the project dropdown.
  2. Click on Version Control.
  3. Enter your connection settings for the git repository.
    • To configure your credentials, provide an authorization token or a username and password.
    • We recommend you use an access token to restrict access to just appropriate resources:
    • The Name field is optional and will just help users identify in plain language what repository you configured for your project, eg: "engineering data pipeline repo"
    • The default branch will be used as the default for builds, usually "main", "master" or "production"
    • The default path describes the root of your Glean credentials directory within the repo
  4. Click the 🗼Test button to test your git credentials.
  5. Click Save Credentials.

Creating builds

After you've configured a Git repository, you can navigate to the DataOps (opens in a new tab) page and click + New Build to create a new Build, with the following options:

  • Branch: A branch or commit identifier from your repository.
  • Path: An optional absolute path to a directory in your repository containing your Glean configuration files.
  • Type: The type of build to create. For more details on Preview and Deploy builds, see DataOps Overview.