Data Explorer
Chart Menu

Chart Menu

The more menu provides several actions related to the main chart. To access it click the three dots on the top right of the main chart.

Download Chart Data

Downloading chart data allows you to download the aggregated data from a chart to a spreadsheet so you can export the data and use it in different applications. To do this:

  1. Click the Chart Menu on the top right of the main chart.
  2. Click the Download Chart Data option.

View Underlying Data

Glean differentiates between chart data and underlying data:

  • Chart Data: The aggregated data that results from running a database query or processing and aggregating spreadsheet data.
  • Underlying Data: The raw data in a spreadsheet or database before it is aggregated or processed in any way. Downloading this data is limited to 100k rows.

To get to actionable insights, you usually need to get down to the underlying data: a specific patient, a specific order, or a specific ticket.

View SQL Query

Every chart you generate with Glean is based on an underlying SQL query. You can view this underlying query by selecting the View SQL Query option.

Edit Data Model

Editing a data model allows you to modify the measures and attributes that define how you visualize data. You must have at least an Editor role - see Users and Permissions.