September 2022

September 19th, 2022

We’ve been focusing on making Glean feel organized even as your company scales!

Finding the saved explorations and dashboards you're looking for just got a lot easier with collections right in the navigation and an improved search pane.

New sidebar

Keep your project organized

Animation of Glean's sidebar with collections shown in a folder structure so you can click right into a dashboard


We put your collections right in the sidebar to make it easier to get to what you’re looking for and keep your project tidy.

You can now reorganize your content and make private resources shared right from the sidebar.

Search Improvements!

cmd + k, all day

New Glean search bar with most recent items surfaced even before searching


Get back to your most recent items quickly. The search palette starts with the last content you accessed and sorts results by most recently viewed.

Rename Attributes

Settings form for a data column where loaded_at is renamed to Sent for readability


You can relabel any attribute to help your team understand a column's meaning and how it can be used.

SSH Tunneling

Glean now supports SSH tunneling for more secure connections. You can use a bastion host in your private cloud to allow Glean to more securely connect to your database.

Maps! beta

A dashboard with several maps of new york city zip codes with blue hues with color saturation corresponding to a metric value

} We’ve added a Map chart type, now in beta. Please ping us if you’d like to join the beta.